the orpheo way

Orpheo is a unique, soulful niche in the realm of boutique jewellery. Our world revolves around a passion for design, beauty and living life with flair. Our founders were born in Barcelona, trained and worked in Switzerland and then spent years crafting the Orpheo model in South Africa, the Twins taught us how to be unique, how to be bold and how to always be different to everyone else.Our work is Latino-African passion delivered with Swiss precision.

We design jewellery that makes a bold statement. Our work is always different, original and daring – and we challenge our clientele to be the same. Orpheo jewellery has the rare quality of being totally distinctive. Anyone who knows us will instantly recognise an Orpheo piece worn by a fellow convert. There is no need for big logos. Our jewellery speaks our name through the language of our design.

My father Gilbert Torres founder and visionary taught me everything about the industry, how to know the rules and how to bend them.

I have been working in Orpheo for over 10 years and since the day I sat down in the workshop and placed my hands on the bench my heart was full , from making pieces that are never the same , and making pieces that are bold and speak volumes to people’s personalities. I personally love connecting with people and understanding there ideas and creating pieces that represents there individuality.

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